What Is Video Engagement?

What Is Video Engagement?

Video engagement is the best measure of how well your video resonates with your audience.

Because if you can understand what type of video causes your viewers to take action, then you can better match your video content with your audience and reach new potential customers to produce the results you want.

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Engagement is the metric that measures the percent of a video a viewer watched.

For example if a one minute video shows a big drop off of viewers around 10 seconds, we would say that video has low engagement. A high performing video keeps people around longer and maybe to the end.

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Three ways to ensure high engagement and get the results you want from video:

  1. Keep your videos short. People want you to get to the point. On Facebook, videos around 1 minute have the highest engagement rate. On YouTube, videos between 4-10 minutes maintain good engagement, provided the next two points are followed.
  2. Have a strong hook in the first 5-10 seconds. A “hook” is the very opening part of the video where you tell them clearly what they’re going to learn in your video and why it’s relevant to them and their situation. Because if you’ve done a good job putting your video in front of the right audience, your hook should help ensure higher video engagement and completion rates.
  3. Keep your content specific and personal. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience. Think of the body content of your video no different than the body copy of a well written article: deliver on the promise you made in the hook.

Follow these three tips for success with your videos so you will have better engagement from your video marketing efforts. As a result high engagement, you’re going to see great results from video.

To ensure optimum results for our clients, we make sure every video includes these three elements.

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So, that’s the answer to “What is video engagement and why does it matter?” If you have any questions, or would like to chat with us about producing engaging video content for your business, get in touch with us today.

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