Video Marketing Process

Where is your buyer on their journey towards a decision?

Video Content Journey
Traditional branding and endless content creation doesn’t work. Results need to happen yesterday and that’s why purposeful video content that resonates with your audience delivers the results you need.

The type of video used should align with the conversation already going on in your buyer’s mind. This helps them like and trust you. Often, a single video can move the needle for your business. Other times, a video content journey with multiple videos in a sales funnel is required to achieve revenue growth.

In either case, the most interested viewers self-qualify through their engagement. These viewers are the most receptive to your commercial offers and convert right away. And those who see your offer but don’t convert, are then placed into re-marketing campaigns for continued results.

How We Leverage Video To Drive Growth

For technology companies, we produce an explainer video and show you how to use it with strategic placements and direct outreach to land your first customers. Then, for companies with proven product/market fit and a few case studies, we continue to leverage the explainer video and create a custom video marketing funnel. This funnel is fuelled with direct-response advertising to scale up revenue.

We’ve tested and refined this approach with our own business and with dozens of clients in the most competitive markets. This approach consistently outperforms all other marketing and sales strategies we’ve tested.

Measurable Return On Investment

When shown to validated target audience, the videos we produce and marketing we build gets our clients results at the lowest cost. Because when your message is on point, it resonates with the viewer, pulls them into your funnel and turns more of them into customers.

Combined with the power of high video engagement, our clients’ video marketing campaigns continue to gain traction. This is because their video data is continuously feeding engagement and conversion metrics that are leveraged for further growth.

Professional Strategy and Consultation

We’ve worked with technology companies in a broad range of industries and have learned much that can help you. If you’d like a proven strategy to ensure the success of your business, get in touch with us today.