Video Length Best Practices

Video Length Best Practices

How long is too long? What is too short? In this post we lay out video length best practices.

So what is the right length for a video? The easy answer is that it depends on what type of video you’re producing.

For videos used as buyers journey content, it helps to know where your video will be used. Below are guidelines that you can use to establish the goals, frameworks, or limits, that are best for certain types of video.

Marketing and Awareness Videos

So, for ‘top of the funnel’ content, typically commercials that are used on television, video length best practices are 30 seconds or less. However, YouTube and Facebook videos can be as quick as 10 seconds for the right message to the right audience or they can be as long as 10 minutes for direct to camera videos. We have seen both lengths of video produce excellent results on YouTube and Facebook.

However, we’re increasingly seeing that videos one minute or less are killing it on Facebook (and Insta).

Explainer Videos

For animated explainer videos, two minutes is the limit based on the data. It’s clear that two minutes is the maximum amount of time for explainer videos, with 60 to 90 seconds being the sweet spot. And so, explainer videos are those in the consideration stage and commercials are those in the awareness stage.

Sales Videos

For sales videos 30 to 180 seconds is the optimum or recommended length for videos that align with viewers in the decision stage of their buyers journey. This is the perfect length for sending viewers videos in email follow ups, or in marketing automation and nurture sequences.

Training Videos

And then in the fourth and final stage, training videos used once viewers have become customers (or even trial subscribers) 90 to 180 seconds is the sweet spot. Training videos of this length are excellent tools for showing people how to use the product or service they’ve just committed to.

However, longer videos for e-learning or training purposes (between 3 to 6 minutes) can work as well. The data is clear training videos should be 6 minutes or less. For videos longer than 6 minutes, it’s difficult for adults to retain the information in the video in order to make for effective learning videos.

If you have any questions about video length, or would like to chat with us about video production for your business, get in touch with us today.

Brooks is Founder here at Hot Pepper Videos. He's helped leading brands like Robert Half Technology and CallMiner attract more customers and increase sales with video. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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