What Is It Like Working With Us?

Hot Pepper Videos appeals to professionals who want to work remotely and crave a real challenge. You are not afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Hot Pepper Videos Business team

You’ll have plenty of support from people who are there to help you.  You’ll have access to the best cloud-based tools for managing projects, people and communications with colleagues and customers.  You’ll  need to be focused and organized no matter what role you assume, but we are certain that you will learn as much working here in three months as you would with most companies in a year. This is because in order for us to deliver a quality video product, we have to COMPLETELY understand how EVERY ONE of our customers creates value in the marketplace with their products and services – and because of the breath of companies we deal with from start-ups to Fortune 500, we know from our own experience this is a professional development opportunity that larger companies simply can’t match.

celebrating-successOur culture is as unique as the internet itself. People who work with us come from Fortune 500 companies, major Internet start-ups, and even right out of universities. Our team includes illustrators, film makers, animators, on-air radio personalities, actors and the only person alive known to eat 29 Jalapeno peppers in one sitting.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Do you want to help change the face of online decision making, shopping and branding?

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