Why should I have an explainer video?

Simple. Because the math works. Studies show repeatedly that the intelligent use of videos like the ones we make, increases buying behavior by 85% (Internet Retailer, 2010). In addition, visitors remain on websites with explainer videos 10% longer - that means people are taking you and your brand more seriously.

We believe strongly in the return on investment our customers can expect because we see it every day. Of all the strategies out there to convert more of your website visitors into customers, a well produced video should be in your arsenal of revenue creating tools. Finally, you should have an explainer video because it's getting easier to track the impact of your video with statistics about who viewed your video and what happened to your results - so you'll know how well your video investment is doing.

How long should our video be?

For a home page, explainer style video? Around two minutes. With VERY few exceptions. The data is clear that most of your audience is gone after two minutes. You have to make an impact with your audience quickly.

We can almost always craft a compelling video somewhere between 60 and 120 seconds, which is how we price our productions. It all depends how much you want to cover in your message. We STRONGLY believe that LESS is MORE with these types of videos and strive to create succinct, clear and compelling productions.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is usually a short video about one to two minutes in length. They are used to explain or introduce a product or company. The intent is to quickly inform, educate and inspire action, with a fun, casual learning motif. They should answer some basic questions like:

  • What problems exists in your customers world?
  • How does your product solve those problems?
  • Why is your product or service the best and most unique?
  • What can your customers can expect when they try or buy from you?

Explainer videos are like the old "elevator pitch", but on steroids. They take advantage of the digital revolution using motion visuals, sound and voice. These videos address the fact that shoppers online today have very short attention spans and love watching explainer videos before making a decision (Business Insider, 2013).

What is a demo video?

A demo video is one where we showcase your software or mobile device app to strategically show the user specific actions happening within a software program or web browser. Usually these types of videos are used to enhance education and clarification of what your product looks like.

In these videos we will develop scenes where the product or service is animated in very specific detail when screen shots aren't the best choice. In other cases, we'll create an entire video as a demo video because that is the best way to showcase the product or service to that company's audience.

Either way, demo videos are a valuable and powerful tool that we often use to spice up the production values of our client's videos.

What kinds of products or services are best for these videos?

Anything that needs explaining and simplification... where moving images are more beneficial than static text and graphics. The different products and services our customers use these videos for never fails to amaze us. There's so many ways these videos can be used. Websites that offer some kind of service or product seem to be the big market segment who benefit from our videos.

How will you choose a voice actor for our video?

We will work closely with you throughout our production process, including the part where you select the voice talent for your video.  We'll start with identifying if a male or female voice is the best way to go, then decide on the tone of the voice over to match your video from our voice over artists.  We have access to many great voice over artists and will provide you samples to choose from, who are best suited to your video.   You will sign off on the specific voice over talent before production begins.

How will we know if our video is having an impact?

This is a great question - one we just LOVE! There's many ways to measure the impact of your video. But if you put the video we make for you on your home page (just one way to use our videos), the best method to measure results are to use website analytics to compare the 'before' and 'after' results of how that web page performed over time.

For example, let's say you want people to sign up for a free trial of your product or service. Before you put the video on your website, you would track the results of how it performs. Then, holding all other variables constant (that means NOT changing anything on your website or your marketing), you would put the video on your site and measure the results of free trials AFTER the video.

This can be set up easily by your webmaster using free tools such as Google Analytics. Our customers do this all the time and they are consistently pleased with the results.

What should we do about hosting?

Great question and not simple to answer in a short FAQ. Most people think of YouTube when they think of putting a video up online. But YouTube branding could really send the WRONG message about your brand and your company's stability. There are some other great options out there (but they cost money), like VidYard, Vimeo and Wistia to name a few. We really like all of those companies and have no problem suggesting that you check them all out to see if they are a fit for your needs.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We work with great people from organizations all around the world. A large percentage of our customers are in technology and have a website. The majority of our customers are located in North America and Western Europe, although we're getting more inquiries from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. It doesn't really matter what kind of business you're in. If you're trying to influence people to do something online, we can help you and your business do it better with a great video that quickly and simply explains your brand faster than static text and images.

Can you make videos in languages other than English?

Yes, we can. The fee is $1,495 for producing an alternate, foreign language version of your original English version that is 70 - 120 seconds and $2,695 for 120 - 180 seconds. This is for managing all the extra details, translators and nuances involved with re-producing your video in other languages.

How do you keep prices so low?

We can keep prices low for three reasons.

  1. First, we do a high volume of a very specific type of video. This means we can afford to make less margin on each video and pass those savings on to you.
  2. Second, our team is virtual, so we don't have the usual office-space costs that weigh down most boutique shops who maintain a physical work space. Even though this makes our business harder and more complicated to manage, it affords us the ability to hire better talent wherever they are. This means your dollars are going towards getting a premium video, instead of paying for fancy office space.
  3. Third, because we are so passionate about making videos and do such great work, we are getting more referrals from past clients. This means we are spending less and less on expensive advertising, which helps reduce our overall costs and keep pricing competitive for you.

Will you consider doing longer videos?

That depends. If your concept is straight forward and specific, we should probably talk.

Usually the type of longer video we do are ones that are instructional in nature and have a touch of e-learning to them. These are videos that are used as tutorials for showing people step by step how to do something.

We also produce non-interactive training content for e-learning platforms.

In other circumstances, our customers will hire us to produce a 'follow-on' video that has the same look, feel and sound as a video that a prospect saw higher up in our customer's conversion funnel, which we also produced.