The Perfect Explainer Voice Over Every Time

Explainer Voice OverOur animated and explainer voice over artists are all industry professionals with many successful video credits to their names. As a result they are fully capable of delivering different pitch, tone, pace and range to best suit the needs of your voice project.

Choosing a voiceover artist is one of the most important steps we’ll make together when hiring an explainer video company. Because if you think about it, you’re choosing the voice of your business! So, it’s critical to get this part right.

The challenge with finding the right talent is that voice is a highly subjective thing for most people. What sounds like a calm, warm voice to one person could sound totally wrong to another. That’s why we are here to help you choose the right explainer voice over for your project and get the strategy right before we begin your project.

Because your product or service isn’t going to be a fit for everyone, we need to mindful that the voice artist isn’t either. The best explainer videos align with your target audience and therefore, so should the voice of your brand.

So when you select from the voice talent below, please listen carefully to the FULL DEMO REEL.

This is because many of our artists have included different styles that you should reference when choosing how you’d like your voice over to sound.

For example, if you like “Chris” it really helps to tell us WHICH style of his you like. For example you might reference the segment where he is talking about ‘Frontera’.

Male Voice Over






Johnny C.



Female Voice Over





Miriam (Hispanic)