Explainer Video for Staffing Company Robert Half

Explainer Video for Staffing Company Robert Half

This project summary is about the production of an explainer video for staffing company Robert Half.

Producing an technology explainer video for the world’s largest staffing company Robert Half, was a great project.

Their business model is primarily based on making money by placing people for a given role. Whether it’s a temp assignment or a permanent placement, they charge the hiring company a percentage for placing qualified candidates.

But now, Robert Half wants to pivot in the marketplace. They want to go from pure-play staffing firm, to providing technology for recruitment success.

In partnership with Robert Half, we developed this explainer video to explain new software for a new line of business. The opportunity represents a potentially massive revenue stream. It is a software solution for businesses hiring talent on their own. The solution will be based on Robert Half’s 70 years of staffing expertise.

Explainer Video for Staffing Company Robert Half

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Recruiters will use this A.I. driven software to find quality talent.

Because candidate sourcing options like ZipRecruiter seem appealing, but their pricing models limit how many resumes can be viewed. In addition, their technology doesn’t enable accurate alignment of candidates with job requirements.

Common Pains For Recruiters

Hiring managers today are forced to find the proverbial needles in huge haystacks of job applications.


explainer video for staffing company

Today, hiring managers recruiting talent without a staffing firm are stuck with self-service options that bury them beneath dis-organized mountains of job applications.

This pain point is a major opportunity for Robert Half and their customers.


A single job positing can generate hundreds of applications within 24 hours.

Large companies may have the resources to sort through these large volumes, but at large cost. And small companies don’t have full visibility to find the right candidate.

The Solution

Now, imagine when hiring managers post a job anywhere. Recruiters now have clarity through powerful visualizations. They will no longer be overwhelmed with noise and limited visibility. These visualizations present top candidates for any position. In addition, it also shows a ranked, real time view of all the other applicants. Both options are customizable based on user preferences.

Explainer Video for Staffing Company

Robert Half: Using A.I. To Find Perfect Candidates

The predictive algorithm uses Robert Half’s 70 years of staffing experience to sort through candidates and rate them. It learns more about their recruiting preferences.  Like all goid alorithms, it gets smarter with every click. This makes it easier to find the perfect candidate.

Finding every needle, in every haystack it about to get easier for Robert Half and their customers.

We hope you enjoyed reading about this explainer video for staffing company Robert Half.

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