How it’s Made: Explainer Video Production Process

So you’re considering an explainer video. Or maybe you’re just wondering “How is an explainer video made?”, or “What does the explainer video production process look like?”. If you’ve been asking any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

Watch the short video below that shows how an explainer video is made and what you can expect at each step of the process.

Video: Animated Explainer Video Production Process

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1Step One: Discovery

The first step in working together is to learn about your business and identify what style of video will best suit your audience, and brand.

You can expect us to ask lots of questions about your business, industry and customers to make sure we clearly understand your goals and we’re a good fit for each other. And just to make double sure we haven’t missed anything we’ll ask you to fill in a short online questionnaire.

We’ll need a high definition version of your logo and any branding guidelines you want us to follow when developing the look of your video.

The key to making a great video is collaboration.

Explainer Video Production Process - Step 1

Simple, clear intake form


2Step Two: Script & Screenplay

Like any great movie, every one of our videos begins the development process with a great script that includes a memorable, compelling story.

If you don’t have a script, we’ll develop one for you. If you have a script, we can help you polish it up. Then we’ll develop a screenplay for the main scenes of your video. Words will be used economically and the visual concepts will be clear. Eliminating jargon and marketing-speak will ensure your video connects with your target audience and drives results.

Combining great script writing with engaging screenplays is an art form we understand…one that relates directly to the results your video will produce.

Explainer Video Production Process - Step 2

Example of a Script Organized by Scene


3Step Three: Voice Over

Once your script is finished, we’ll decide together on the best voice talent to match the theme and style of your video.

Voice talent is carefully selected to balance the persona of your brand with your audience profile. Over the years, we’ve built an unbeatable roster of incredibly versatile, voice over professionals for you to choose from.

Once complete, you will get a link to download the voice over to hear the full audio clip. (In this step we’ll also ask you to approve the music track we suggest for your background score.)

Click Play to Hear a Sample


4Step Four: Concept Story Board

Once your script, voice over and music are finalized, our illustrators will develop the visual concept outline of your video with hand-drawn scenes.

In this step you will approve the basic visual style, flow and progression that we have developed for your video.

When this step is finished, you will have a black and white, hand-illustrated storyboard of your video. The individual scenes will be matched to your script and selected voice over, along with the transitions of each scene.

Explainer Video Production Process - Step 4

Example of A Hand-Illustrated Concept Storyboard Scene


5Step Five: Theme Story Board

After you have approved the concept storyboard, we’ll create a full color storyboard in the theme of your video.

This step allows you to see what the individual scenes will look like before we add animations. You’ll see backgrounds, typography, character styles, colors, gradients and context for each of the main scenes.

This step ensures you get a clear vision of the look and feel of your video before we begin the next step.

Explainer Video Production Process - Step 5

Example of a Themed, Storyboard Scene


6Step Six: Development

In this step, our animators will bring the concept and script to life with motion, animation and key transitions.

Our animators will tie all the elements of your project together with motion graphics so your video becomes a fluid, engaging production that flows with intention from the first frame to the last.

Your feedback and suggestions throughout this step will ensure you’re happy with everything before signing off on the final cut.

Once your video animations are completed and the voice over is added, the audio engineer will add sound effects to improve emphasis and impact.

Sound effects are the final production value that will be added to your video for improved comprehension, retention and engagement.

Explainer Video Production Process - Step 6

Example of Animation in Development


7Step Seven: Delivery

Once you approve the final draft and pay the balance of your invoice, we will prepare and deliver your final cut so you can start enjoying the benefits of a professional, animated explainer video.


Still Confused? Watch This Video

If you’re still unclear on the explainer video production process, check out this short (yep… you guessed it) animated explainer video about how it all works.

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