Explainer Video for Mobile App RockDove

Explainer Video for Mobile App RockDove

With RockDove Solutions It’s Easier To Manage A Crisis

In the digital age, when the worst happens and a crisis breaks, you must move quickly. You must gain control of the situation. An up-to-date crisis plan, stored in a location that is easy to access is the only way you can do that. Companies succeed by activating the right team and the right plans in real time.


Explainer Video for Mobile App Company“The Hot Pepper team was extremely good at grasping what we were trying to convey and made us an explainer video with exactly the right message.”

– Chris Britton, Chief Operating Officer, RockDove Solutions

Driven by great technology, RockDove Solutions ‘In Case of Crisis’ mobile app, helps businesses respond. When a crisis breaks it unfolds incredibly fast. By storing crisis plans locally on a mobile device, RockDove’s customers can quickly access their crisis plans. They can also activate them with the speed required to take control of a breaking crisis.

Video: Explainer Video for Mobile App Company

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Making the Explainer Video for Mobile App Company RockDove Solutions

RockDove Solutions hired us as their animated explainer video company to produce an engaging explainer video. The goal was to help their audience understand the value of their solution. Their video reinforces the impact of not having a readily accessible, up-to-date crisis plan. In addition, their video reminds viewers of making teams crisis response-ready.

The script explains how anytime access to crisis plans ensures customers stay in control of a breaking crisis. Also, it delivered the key message of easily sharing information with crisis team members.

The main concern prospects want to know is, ‘If the worst happens and one of my risks becomes a full blown crisis, how well prepared are we to handle it?


Chris Britton COO RockDove SolutionsEvery organization is exposed to some degree of risk,” says Chris Britton, Chief Operating Officer of RockDove Solutions. “Through a structured risk assessment program, business continuity teams can stay within the ideal risk-taking range for their companies.

By calculating your risk score, you can quantify your risk, which transforms risk management from a subjective, disorganized process to a practical and sustainable program. Our new risk assessment kit gives organizations the means to calculate a score themselves and take appropriate action.”


The main goal of RockDove’s explainer video was to increase inquiries.

First, we made sure RockDove’s character style animated explainer video turned a serious subject matter (corporate crises) into an friendly one. We did this without diluting the importance of their brand’s message.

Second, we scripted around the central theme of: “Getting technology on your side so you can respond to the ever shrinking time you have to respond to a crisis.” As a result, RockDove Solutions is using their explainer video to engage more prospects and build a bigger sales pipeline.

We hope you enjoyed reading about this explainer video for mobile app company RockDove Solutions.

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