Explainer Videos For Financial Services Company Feltz WealthPLAN

Explainer Videos For Financial Services Company Feltz WealthPLAN

Becoming The Fastest Growing Financial Advisory Firm In America With Custom Animated Explainer Videos

This project summary is about the production of explainer video for financial services company Feltz WealthPLAN.

What started out as a conversation about the production of a single explainer video, finally became a multi-video series.

Common Challenges For Financial Advisors

Feltz WealthPLAN is a leading financial services advisor in Omaha, Nebraska. They offer a full range of services from tax and retirement planning to asset management.

Feltz came to Hot Pepper to help them address the challenge that financial services is a highly conceptual domain. The subject matter is not easy to explain. This is true even for the most seasoned financial services professionals.

Most prospective financial services customers delay hiring or won’t hire financial advisors because of the complexity associated with the subject matter.

Using animated video for selling financial services is a strong use case.

Our relationship with Feltz WealthPLAN began in early 2015. Conversations began around the production of animated videos for simplifying financial concepts. The goal was to build trust and transparency through the use of video with their audience. As a result of investing in video, Feltz WealthPLAN was increasingly chosen as a preferred financial services organization.

Financial Advisor Magazine named them fastest growing registered investment advisor the same year.

Storytelling That Builds Trust

First we did thorough review of Feltz’s needs and video marketing goals so we could collaborate closely on developing the scripts. As a result, the project became a series of videos to explain their proprietary AutoEducate™ product. This video was in addition to their other core services. The scripts were built to address common customer concerns and questions. Second, we never lost sight of the need to follow a storyline viewers could relate to. This is probably one of the most important elements to keep in mind when producing any explainer video.


 Working in an industry that is incredibly intimidating and confusing, animated video has set us apart. Pictures really can explain a thousand words.

– Brent O’Mara, Senior Wealth Advisor, Feltz WealthPLAN

Appearance Matters

Finally, Hot Pepper Videos developed a brand-matched, custom white-board (sketch) style theme. This closely aligned with Feltz’s target audience.

Explainer Video For Financial Services Company

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

The reason for using this style of animated explainer video production is because it provides full creative control to develop any concept visually. This way, it looks as if it is being drawn for the viewer.

This almost always reduces the risk of confusing the viewer.

This clean ad engaging style was critical to the success of their campaign. Most of the subject matter we covered is very complex and probably consumed by viewers with varying levels of financial knowledge.


Explainer Video for Financial Services Company

“A special thanks to Brooks and the Hot Pepper team for helping us in becoming the fastest growing Registered Investment Advisor in America.”
– Brent O’Mara, Senior Wealth Advisor

Outstanding Results

Working together with Feltz, they deployed the videos in their marketing funnel. This helped them attract more qualified prospective clients than ever before.

As a result, Feltz WealthPLAN became the industry’s fastest growing firm:

Explainer Video for Financial Services Company

Feltz WealthPLAN: Using Video To Become The Fastest Growing Financial Advisor In America (Assets Under Management)

It has been a pleasure working with Feltz WealthPLAN. We congratulate them on their continued success.

We hope you enjoyed this project summary about making an explainer video for financial services company Feltz WealthPLAN.

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Brooks is Founder here at Hot Pepper Videos. He's helped leading brands like Robert Half Technology and CallMiner attract more customers and increase sales with video. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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