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With All The Different Styles Out There, How Do You Choose The Right One?

explainer video examplesBelow are explainer video examples that represent some of the diverse work we’ve done with clients of all sizes, across many different industries. Every client had a unique set of requirements and objectives they wanted us to help them address with video. These are their videos.

Because we create solutions with video, every project is unique because every customer is unique. As a leading explainer video company, our goal is always to produce a video that it tailored your goals with the perfect visual style for your situation.


Tidal Wrap

Tidal Wrap is the world’s most innovative, marine piling protection system. Manufactured in Canada, Tidal Wrap protects marine structures in the most demanding marine environments.

Vertical: Manufacturing

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Nevvon is a mobile e-learning platform for personalized caregiver training to ensure agencies stay in compliance, while eliminating complex training logistics and operating costs.

Vertical: Healthcare
Website: Nevvon

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Apttus is the world’s leading quote-to-cash software provider using artificial intelligence to support important business processes for any enterprise.

Vertical: eCommerce

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Axxis is the industry leading provider of information technology and services for buying and selling petroleum, refined fuel products and commodities.

Vertical: Oil & Gas

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Robert Half Technology

Robert Half is the world’s largest staffing firm, providing skilled professionals in the fields of accounting, finance, technology, legal, creative, marketing and administration.

Vertical: Human Resources

Learn more about this project: Explainer video for staffing company

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CallMiner’s EurekaLive is speech analytics technology for call centers that automatically monitors in-progress calls for the use of specific language.

Vertical: Speech Analytics

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New Grace Pharmacy

New Grace Pharmacy delivers fast prescriptions and provides a wide range on medical supply equipment so patients can recover quickly with a single, friendly healthcare provider.

Vertical: Healthcare

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CannaScore is a compliance software for the marijuana industry, designed to help cannabis business owners conduct compliance inspections.

Vertical: Compliance and Risk Management

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Couples Resorts

Couples Resorts owns and operates all-inclusive luxury boutique resorts in the Caribbean – four in Jamaica.

Vertical: Hospitality

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Keyneqt is an online service preparing individuals for life’s emergencies by setting up a network of designated contacts that will help when you cannot.

Vertical: Finance

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RockDove Solutions

RockDove Solutions is the developer and distributor of the award-winning, “In Case of Crisis” mobile app to take control of a breaking crisis.

Vertical: Compliance and Risk Management

Learn more about this project: Explainer video for mobile app

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Using automated quantitative strategies, Investiquant enables investors to systematically capture short term market opportunities.

Industry: FinTech

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Symphony Hotel Marketing, provides 360 degree, all-inclusive services for hotels and travel marketers.

Industry: Hospitality

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Feltz WealthPLAN

Feltz WealthPLAN is a leading financial services organization for clients at all stages of life.

Learn more about this project: Explainer video for financial services company

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OnQ Management

On Q Property Management is one of Arizona’s fastest growing, full service property management and real estate firms.

Vertical: Property Management

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Solcius Solar

Solcius Solar is a residential solar power company who makes it easy for home owners to make the switch to solar power.

Vertical: Renewable Energy

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Winder Farms

Winder Farms delivers fresh groceries to the doors of families across Utah and Nevada from local farmers and producers.

Vertical: Food

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MyVitalz Medical

MyVitalz™ is a secure cloud-based, in-home monitoring solution that helps healthcare providers optimize limited resources, resulting in better outcomes at lower costs.

Vertical: Healthcare

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Handheld Monitoring

Through accountability and daily engagement Handheld Monitoring helps their clients succeed in addiction recovery by enabling the client with tools to be a part of the process.

Vertical: Healthcare

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Board Vitals

Using board-style practice questions, Board Vitals is a specialty medical question bank to help physicians pass their exams and meet continuing education requirements.

Vertical: Education

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