Training Video Production

What Is A Training Video And When Should I Use One?

Training Video Production

Training videos are typically used as stand-alone learning tools, or at the end of a video content journey to help on-board new customers with your product or service.

Animated training videos should be deployed to help your viewer achieve ideal outcomes through engaging, quality education that deliver high levels of retention. If you want to explain how your products or service works, instead of teaching knowledge or developing skills, then an explainer video is a better tool.

Training videos deliver the greatest impact when learning outcomes are established in advance so that you can empower your viewer with the right video content to match the desired result.

They can be used on individual web pages, in new customer on-boarding campaigns and in Learning Management Systems.


Examples Of Training Videos We’ve Produced:

Product Trial

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Curriculum Example 1

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Curriculum Example 2

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Curriculum Example 3

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How Long Should My Training Video Be?

Length is dependent on how much theory and knowledge is required establish the foundation for a successful learning outcome. For example, if you’re using a training video to show users how to access their new account with your online service, then 30-60 seconds may be sufficient. However, if the learning objective is to develop domain-specific knowledge or soft skills, then a training video of 5-10 minutes, in a series of videos, would be more appropriate.

We’ll work with you to ensure solid instructional design so that your video content aligns with the overall goals of your project.


How Long Does It Take To Make A Training Video?

Generally, our training video production schedule takes us 3-6 weeks to create video 90 seconds or less. This does not include the time it takes to make revisions.

Longer training videos, or videos in a curriculum series can take months to develop.

The way to ensure fast turnaround times and the least number of revisions, is to have clear learning outcomes and video scripts outlined in advance.

The training video production schedule is also influenced by how long your team needs to review the creative we send during the process.


How Much Does Training Video Production Cost?

Depending on length, style and complexity, a single training video can range in costs.

Full e-learning curriculums based on a specific theme we typically price based on each hour of content.

You will find prices vary a lot from company to company.

Take your time and do your homework. Find an experienced training video team with a portfolio that demonstrates they can produce the quality and creativity you’re looking for, within your timeline and budget. If you’d like to talk with us and get a quote, please contact us.


How Do I Know If My Training Video Is Working?

Ideally, you should be measuring outcomes based on the learner’s success with your product or service. For more formal validation of skill and knowledge, standardized testing and measurement tools like those in Learning Management Systems is recommended.

Our team understands how to produce training videos so viewers are engaged with compelling visuals that support the needs of your audience, campaign or curriculum.

Ultimately, there should be a specific goal you’re trying to achieve from a training video. For example, after watching your training video, the viewer should be able to successfully complete a test with a minimum test score, or successfully achieve a specific objective with your product or service.

We recommend that you track results and viewer success from your training videos. This can be a simple metric like decreased support queries for a common issue, or more formal measures like quizzes or LMS testing and certification.


What Style Should I Choose?

We offer a wide range video styles to suit your budget and objectives.

If necessary, we can work with you and your team to develop a custom style to match the requirements of your project.


What About Foreign Language Versions?

As a full-service video producer, we offer training video production in all major languages.

Alternate language versions in Spanish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, French, Chinese and Italian are just a few examples. You can also have the voice over in your training video produced with specific dialects and accents.


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