Startup Video Production To Get Off The Ground Faster

Startup Video Production Company

Let us handle your startup video production needs so you can focus on getting your new enterprise where it needs to go.

Founders count on startup videos to get their message out consistently, to recruit the best talent and to build their brand in a memorable, engaging way. A startup video can be a key part of launch strategy and used in multiple channels to help shorten time to revenue and grow user base faster.

You’ve already got a zillion critical things to take care of. Creating a video shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined, cost effective process for startups to get a video produced without any hassle, so you can speed things up.


Startup Videos We’ve Produced:

Professional Services

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Financial Services

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Remote Monitoring

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Professional Services

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Online Service

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Live Streaming

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Online Video Service

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Certification Training

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How Long Does It Take To Make A Startup Video?

Our startup video production schedule is typically 4-6 weeks. This does not include the time it takes us to make requested revisions.

The explainer video production process can take longer if your team needs more time to review the creative we send during the process. However, we do offer rush service and can deliver your video in as little as 2-3 weeks.


How Much Does Startup Video Production Cost?

Length, style and complexity all affect total cost. Our startup video production service is for new companies who need an affordable, quality video fast – so you can get your message out there.

Can You Help Us With Deferred Payment?

Absolutely! We understand startups are tight on cash, so we offer six months no payments, no interest with approved financing. Please contact us to learn more.


Why Should We Work With You?

Because we were a startup once too!

We know what it means to have a dream, a vision and a burning desire to change the world with your app, product or service.

If you’re going to choose a startup video production partner, you want to work with a team who’s got the same DNA, loves getting new messaging right and knows how to use video to get noticed and build the bottom line.


Trusted By Leading Founders:

Startup Video Production Client

Quality, innovate work. Value-based price.

-René Massey, President, SalesBoost

Startup Video production client customer Chris

Great results, fast turn-around. An absolute pleasure to work with!

-Chris Pavlovski, CEO, Rumble

Startup Video Production Customer

Responsive and fell within a start-up budget.

-Dan Lambert, CEO, BoardVitals

Startup Video production client customer Robert_Small

Flawless execution. The final product speaks for itself.

-Robert Young, CEO, MobilMan