10 of the Best Startup Videos of All Time

10 of the Best Startup Videos of All Time

Running a startup is an exciting opportunity to see your entrepreneurial vision come to life. It’s even more exciting when your startup reaches its full potential and achieves ultimate success — and creating one of the best startup videos in your space can help you get there.

Why is a startup video so helpful? Because it briefly and clearly drives home your value proposition, and it serves as a versatile tool that you can use with prospects, potential investors, new team members, news media and other key audiences. Think of a good startup video this way: Rather than using your valuable time to repeat your elevator pitch whenever necessary, you have an engaging video that you can easily share on-demand.

In short, a quality startup video helps you leverage your time and create even more opportunity.

Creating the perfect startup video isn’t easy, though, and it’s always helpful to have a little inspiration and a great startup video production partner. To help you think through different approaches for your business, here’s a look at 10 of the best startup videos of all time.


Mint.com is web-based money-management software. Managing money is complicated for most people — but this animated explainer video makes it clear how simple and easy Mint.com makes budgeting.

Note how the video takes time to address concerns (like security) while driving home the clear benefit (saving more money).

Key Takeaway: The best explainer videos make complicated concepts sound simple.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg takes a not-so-crazy approach to its animated explainer video — it shows its product in action. This is a great approach for software-as-a-service companies and any other web-based ventures. Simply seeing Crazy Egg’s heat map (which is shown during the video) might be enough to move a target audience member to action.

Key Takeaway: If possible, show your product in action.


Spotify is all about music streaming, and this animated explainer video is driven by a catchy beat. There are no words spoken during this video, but spoken words aren’t really needed. Text that appears and disappears to the beat of the music explains everything you need to know: Spotify provides access to all the music you could possibly want, it’s free, and it’s just a click away.

Key Takeaway: Use background music and sound effects to reinforce your brand.


Dropbox is another company that took a complicated problem (storing files and managing them across devices) and uses an animated explainer video to describe how it provides a solution.

It uses an effective tactic to create goodwill with the viewer — it describes specific scenarios that prospective customers experience, including dropping a phone in water or losing a tablet. The entire video lasts just 1 minute, which is impressive considering all that it covers.

Key Takeaway: Create empathy with audience members by describing scenarios they can relate to.


Creativity matters when making an explainer video. That seems obvious, but too often explainer videos try to replicate what others have already done. That is, they try to put their message into a template.

Panorama9 uses a strikingly creative and original explainer video that’s themed as an 80s-style, 8-bit video game. The explainer video still gets its message across, though, telling viewers about how the company makes IT management easy.

Key Takeaway: Aim to be boldly creative and original rather than replicating what others have done.


Here’s an explainer video that looks like a burst of sunshine. The product itself has an incredible value proposition — helping consumers save tons of money while shopping. And it makes that value proposition clear throughout the video.

Note the use of haptic sound effects (a whoosh as price tags fall, a click when products are selected, a ring when price-drop alerts come up, etc.). These are advanced sound effects that can make the difference between an effective and professional explainer video — and one that undermines your company by looking less professional.

Key Takeaway: Seemingly small additions (like sound effects) can make your video look exponential more polished and professional.


Here’s another savings-related explainer video. This animated explainer from Digit is striking in its simplicity. There’s not much to the video from a visual perspective. The real story is the effective use of a narrator. He’s perfectly cast, as he doesn’t lull the viewer to sleep by sounding like the average narrator. Instead, the script calls for the narrator to use a pace and tone that feels commiserative.

Key Takeaway: Getting your voiceover script just right can make or break your explainer video.


This Safedrive explainer video uses a blend of effective strategies to get its message across quickly. First, it uses a popular indie song as its backdrop. It also uses a blend of still photography and unique animation. Finally, the only words you hear are from real people describing the issue. Safedrive uses text message-style animations to drive home the final point, which is that users can earn money through Safedrive when you choose not to text from behind the wheel.

Key Takeaway: You don’t have to say a word to get your message across.

Dollar Shave Club

Animation isn’t your only option for making an explainer video. This explainer from Dollar Shave Club is live action, and it demonstrates how you can inject a sense of fun and a company’s culture into a video. This video is short, it’s funny, and it perfectly describes what the product is — and why it’s better than the competition and made of list of best startup videos.

Key Takeaway: Inject some humor into your video, and stay true to your corporate culture.


OK, so you’ve seen lots of animated explainer video options, and the Dollar Shave Club video is a good live action example. But some companies effectively use several different approaches in one explainer video — and that’s exactly what HubSpot does. Blending approaches is going to cost a lot of money, but that investment can pay off if you have venture capital that demands a strong return.

Key Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to blend explainer video approaches.

Will Your Business be on our Next List of Best Startup Videos?

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