Brooks Van Norman

Hi, I’m Brooks.
Founder of Hot Pepper Videos

We help technology companies generate leads and drive revenue with video.

With all the different business types out there, why focus on technology companies?

Because we see you as the leaders of innovation, making the world a better place.

You solve expensive, complex problems and this is important.

But when your messaging misses the mark, you scare away potential customers even if you have the best technology.

Instead of choosing you, your prospects buy from a lesser competitor who’s nailed their message… or they don’t buy at all.

We hate it when a better company loses to better messaging.

This is why you need a way to clearly and consistently explain what you do, but in the way today’s buyer likes to learn: on their own and with video.

Video that elevates you above the noise and positions you as the perfect solution to your viewer’s pain. Video that aligns with your buyer’s goals and shows them a brighter future.

Without this kind of leverage you’re stuck with inconsistent sales, false hope and the status quo.

Hardly a winning strategy.

Here’s the thing – making video work for a business like yours is difficult and very few can do it well.

It’s storytelling, with a dash of persuasion. It’s joining the conversation inside your buyer’s mind, then creating that light bulb moment. It’s positioning your solution at the right time, in the right way, as the obvious choice – without insulting anyone. It’s making the unit economics work, while driving profitable growth at scale.

It’s a highly specialized skill and not a place for marketing generalists or busy executives to dabble.

If your solution solves a complex problem, we’ll make the video that sells it.

If you’d like to talk with us about using video to grow your business, get in touch today.